Welcome to Rosenbaum's Landscaping and Nursery Web Site. If you are looking for a professional landscaping company that knows how to cater to your individual needs, then please take a few minutes to let us introduce ourselves to you. We are a family owned company dedicated to providing customer satisfaction and exceeding our client's expectations.

Our mission is to add investment value and enhance beauty to your home or business by providing unique landscaping designs installed with the finest quality of workmanship at a reasonable price.

Properly designed and installed landscaping can do much more than just add beauty. It can significantly increase the value of your home or business. The Association of Realtors has explored different studies to answer the question of how much should we budget for landscaping? They have estimated that in the Pennsylvania area, a budget of 5% to 12% of real property value is an average. The good news is that this expense, according to appraisers and Money Magazine, has up to a 100% to 200% recovery value within five years.