George & Edna Derr

Thanks to your landscaping abilities, you have been able to incorporate some of our ideas and create, what some people have referred to, as a beautiful estate. What was once an ordinary cornfield, is now a showplace. People are still inquiring as to who did the job, even after 7 years. We also appreciate the additions and maintenance during that time.

Joe & Ruth Kirkpatrick

For years we had talked about building a deck over a steep slope off of our kitchen. We called in Rosenbaum's Landscaping to give us some ideas. Scott looked over the site and designed a wonderful setting of gardens, walls and paths that are beyond anything we could have imagined. He redesigned and expanded the existing patio incorporating it into the slope, more than doubling the size of the living area. The use of natural stone with the blocks, pavers and plantings demonstrates Scott's artistic and inventive ability of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Scott and his team were great to work with, very flexible and open to our suggestions, interpreting our vague ideas into a garden of glorious colors and forms.

pics Mic & Susan Starr

We are very pleased with Scott's ability to be able to visualize and create ideas that have enhanced the design of our home. Our property is located along a wooded section with a creek running through the rear of our property. Scott was involved with our residential construction project from the begining, helping us to decide which trees to keep and which ones to remove in order to maximize our view and compliment the southern design of our home.

Randy & Kris Culler

Thank you for the wonderful results on the patio you and your crew designed and built for our home. It has certainly exceeded our expectations. We appreciated the time you took to listen to our vision and the wonderful suggestions you offered based on your experiences. Most building projects are a burden but this one never even interrupted our lives. Your employees were neat and cleaned up the yard each evening. The products used were high quality, the craftsmanship was excellent and the final results met our timeline. Your recommendations of plants and lighting to compliment the patio were perfect. Thanks for a job well done! As winter drags on, I dream of sipping iced tes lounging beside our fountain on a warm summer evening!