Rosenbaum's Landscaping Services, Inc. is a professional landscaping company that realizes the importance of the investment you are making. We take that responsibility seriously and are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction and offering award winning designs to enhance the value of your home or business.

Custom Design Services

Rosenbaum's Landscaping has a staff of reputable Landscape Designers with many years of experience. The key to any landscape installation is a proper design for the property. We create designs based upon the clients preferences and needs and then incorporate the unique features of the site.

We would to assist you with some factors you should consider when planning a landscaping project. The following questions and ideas can serve as a starting point for you to write down your thoughts before meeting with our designer.


What is the overall scope of your project?
How does your lifestyle affect the type of landscaping you prefer?

Several Factors to Consider:

Amount of time spent at home enjoying the landscaping
Children´┐Żs Play Area
Access to your backyard
Outdoor Dining & Relaxing
Bird Watching
Flowing Water or Fish Pond
Level of Maintenance


What are the site problems that need a functional solution?

For Example: Shade, Sunlight, Wind, Neighbors, Desirable or Undesirable Views that need to be framed or screened


What is the look you want to achieve?
What is the style of your home?
What are your personal preferences?

Examples: Natural, Refined, Casual, Formal, Free flow, Geometric, Curved, Straight, Wide open, Enclosed? Do you like Topiary Plants or English Mixed Borders, etc?


The hardscape of a landscaping project is considered the bones of the project. It consists of materials such as stone, brick, slate, pavers, rock, wood, river wash gravel, etc. In many cases, the basic hardscape is the first phase of the project.

Examples: Decks, Patios, Walkways, Pathways, Terraced Slopes, Retaining Walls, Steps & Stairways, Raised Beds, Rock Gardens, Arbors, Fencing and Ponds & Waterfalls.


What favorite plants would you like to include? After you finish reading this page, visit our Plant Locator Catalog where you can learn about different plants and even make a Favorites List.

Estimated Cost:

How much are you planning to invest in the landscaping project? Could the project be completed in stages for budgeting purposes? It will help to have considered how much you wish to invest in your landscaping before you meet with our designer.

Why Rosenbaum's Landscaping?

Questions that you should ask to ensure you have selected the best qualified, most professional landscaping firm!
  1. Do you have a professional Landscape Designer on staff?

    A professional designer knows the importance of a proper scale on a plan. They also have knowledge on plant sizes and growth habits.

  2. Does your landscaping firm have Workers' Compensation Insurance?

    Hiring a landscaping company that does not have workers' compensation insurance exposes you to liability and lawsuits if an employee gets injured on the job.

  3. Do you have a nursery location?

    Hiring a company that has their own nursery has many benefits. You can go and view the plants prior to their installation. In many cases, you can save money on the plant material since they are grown at the nursery facility.

  4. How many employees does your company have?

    It is important that the contractor you choose not only have experience, but also have the ability to follow through and finish your project on time.

  5. Do you have a list of referrals?

    A reputable landscaping firm should have no problem providing you with references. The references should be completed projects that are comparable to your job.

  6. Do you have the proper equipment for the project?

    It is important that the company have available the necessary equipment as well as trained employees to properly use the equipment.

  7. Do you guarantee your plants?

    A reputable firm should have a guarantee policy not only on the plants but their workmanship as well. The firm should also be willing to make the guarantee available in writing.

  8. Are you a full service landscaping firm?

    The more services a landscaping firm can offer you, demonstrates a commitment to solidify their business existence and to build relationships with their clients to provide for all their landscaping needs.

We are proud to say that we can offer you all of the above. We hope that you will be willing to place your confidence in Rosenbaum's Landscaping & Nursery.